Compound Sputtering Targets

XK supply high quality Indium tin oxide ITO targets, zinc oxide ZnO target, 2% zinc oxide doped with aluminium oxide AZO target,
titanium oxide TiOX target, niobium oxide NbOX target, monocrystal and polycrystal Silicon target, and IZO, GZO, IGZO targets as well.
We usually adopt sintering technology to produce these above targets for planar and tube shapes, while spraying technology for monoblock rotary targets, the length can be up to 4000mm. Our targets have such characteristics:  uniform color, smooth surface, no cracks, no chipping, no foreign inclusions and contaminants.Pls check the specifications as following form.

ITO, AZO, ZnO targets
Target Name Purity Materials Shape Dimension Properties Application
ITO  99.99% In2O3: SnO2
=90:10 wt%
Planar 300×600mm max Relativedensity≥99.3%,          
 bulk resistivity<1.7×10-4Ω.cm
FPD, touch panel, LED and solar cells industry


250mm length for each piece
AZO/ZnO 99.99% ZnO or Al2O3 doped ZnO Planar 300×600mm max Relative density≥99%, bulk resistivity<2~8×10-4Ω.cm Solar cells and energy saving building glass
Rotary Φ130~180×6~8 ×250mm length
IZO 99.95%  As per you request Planar As per your request Relative density≥98%, bulk resistivity<2×10-3Ω.cm Solar cells industry
GZO 99.99% Ga2O3:ZnO=
Planar As per your request Relative density≥99%, bulk resistivity<1~2×10-3Ω.cm Solar cells industry
IGZO 99.99% In2O3:Ga2O3:ZnO=
1:1:1 or 1:1:2 (mol)
Planar As per your request Relative density≥96%, bulk resistivity<1×10-2~1×10-3Ω.cm AMOLED,oxide semiconductor TFT
Titanium oxide
99.95% TiOX Planar As per your request Relative density≥96%, bulk resistivity<1×10-2~1×10-3Ω.cm Solar cells industry
Niobium oxide
99.99% Nb2OX Planar 300×600mm max Relative density≥98%,  bulk resistivity<1×10-2Ω.cm PDP, touch panel and optical application industry
99.80% Nb2OX Rotary Max 13mm thickness, max 4000mm length Relative density≥95%
Monocrystal &polycrystal Silicon 99.999% Si Planar 300*150*(3~12)mm Straight pull or casting LCD transparent conducting glass, LOW-E building  glass and micro-electronics
Rotary Max 13mm thickness, max 4000mm length Hot Spray

We also supply various of compound targets which be bonded onto copper backing plate for R&D experiment. We can
guarantee their quality, and offer you very competitive price and prompt delivery , pls email us your specification to get offers.

Compound targets
Target Name Materials Purity Shape
Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 99.99% Disc, rectangular
Barium Titanate BaTiO3 99.99% Disc, rectangular
Hafnium Oxide HfO2 99.99% Disc, rectangular
Molybdenum Oxide MO3 99.90% Disc, rectangular
Nickel Oxide NiO 99.90% Disc, rectangular
Silicon Dioxide SiO2 99.99% Disc, rectangular
Tungsten Trioxide WO3 99.90% Disc, rectangular
Boron Nitride BN 99.50% Disc, rectangular
 Silicon Nitride Si3N4 99.50% Disc, rectangular
Titanium Nitride TiN 99.50% Disc, rectangular
Tungsten Carbide WC 99.50% Disc, rectangular