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Silicon Sputtering Target

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Product Name

Silicon Sputtering Target

Element Symbol



5N, 6N

Availble Shape

Planar, Rotary


We supply planar rotary silicon sputtering targets, P type and N type are all available, the purity can up to 6N, the biggest size is 11”. We also supply sprayed rotary silicon sputtering targets, the length can up to 4000mm.

type: poly-crystalline or mono-crystalline
purity:5N, 6N
Growth method: Czochralski (CZ)
conductivity type: P type (Boron doped) & N type (phosphorus doped)
length:300mm max
width:150mm max
diameter:300mm max
specific resistance:0.005-0.02 ohm.cm
                              1-10 ohm.cm
                              10 ohm.cm min 
Planeness (TIR): < 1.2μm
Partial planeness (STIR): <0.3μm
Warp: <30μm  


Silicon sputtering  target, as a very important functional materials, it mainly used for depositing SiO2, Si3N4 and other dielectric layer by magnetic sputtering process. Those thin films are characterized by excellent hardness, optic, dielectric properties, wear and corrosion resistance, which is widely applied to the field of  LCD transparent conducting glass, LOW-E building  glass and micro-electronics.
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