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Rhenium Sputtering Target

Rhenium,sputtering target,Rhenium sputtering target

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Rhenium Sputtering Target

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Availble Shape

Planar target


Rhenium sputtering targets/plate is a pure rhenium metal product under deeply processing with high temperature and high pressure. Rhenium sputtering targets/plates are used to manufacture pure Rhenium heating parts under special working atmosphere, and also to obtain rhenium thin films. Significantly, rhenium pellets, pieces, bar and tube are all available in our plant.


Rhenium sputtering targets/plate is mainly used to manufacture electronic valve parts and super high temperature heaters to evaporate the metal in the semiconductor and electronic industries. The high temperature heating parts need to work under particular conditions. Compared with other materials, pure rhenium heaters have the outstanding properties of more excellent electric performance. It has longer working life, and more endurance under bad conditions. Rhenium sputter target can be used to make rhenium thin film so as to be applied to high technology field. 


The sputtering targets we produced are high purity, it’s most important benefits are that your films possess an outstanding level of electrical conductivity and minimized particle formation during the PVD process. Below form is a typically Certificate of analysis for 3N5 rhenium sputtering target/plate.
Analytical Methods: 1. Metallic elements were analyzed using GDMS or ICP-OES. 2. Gas elements were analyzed using LECO.

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