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Causes of crack formation in sputtering targets

Crack formation usually occurs in ceramic sputtering targets (eg oxides, carbides, nitrides, etc.) and brittle material sputtering targets (eg chromium, antimony, bismuth, etc.).



PVD targets for hard coating

PVD process is used for the deposition of coatings made of nitrides, carbides and carbonitrides of Ti, Cr, Zr and alloys like AlCr, AlTi, TiSi on a large range of tools and components. The typical process temperature for PVD coatings is between 250 and 450 °C. In some cases, PVD coatings can be deposited at temperatures below 70 °C or up to 600 °C,



What is thermal evaporation film deposition?

One of the common methods of physical vapor deposition (PVD) is thermal evaporation. This is a form of thin film deposition. It is a vacuum technology used to apply evaporation coating materials to the surface of various objects.



The high-purity tungsten sputtering target used to manufacture chips has been made in China

Tungsten targets are mainly prepared by powder metallurgy. The preparation method includes the steps of uniformly mixing tungsten powder with a purity of over 99.999% and a particle size of 3.2-4.2μm, placing it in a vacuum heat treatment furnace for pre-degassing, then introducing hydrogen, and continuing heating for degassing.



vacuum magnetron sputtering coating | Xk Ltd

Magnetron sputtering is developed on the basis of two-pole sputtering. A magnetic field orthogonal to the electric field is established on the surface of the target, which solves the problems of low deposition rate of two-pole sputtering and low plasma ionization rate. It has become the mainstay of the coating industry. One of the methods.



PVD film material - sputtering target

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is a thin film preparation technology, and the materials used to prepare thin film materials are called PVD thin film targets and sputtering targets.



Four application areas of high-purity sputtering targets

The application fields of high-purity sputtering targets mainly include semiconductors, panels, photovoltaics and optical devices.



What is the role of sputtering target

Sputtering target is an ancient process of physical vapor deposition technology. The final product is a thin and durable film suitable for various applications.



sputtering targets for semiconductor fabrication

Sputtering target is one of the core materials for semiconductor fabrication. Xinkang is a leading supplier of customized coated target materials.



Thin Film Material Market Worth $10,250 Million by 2018

The advantages offered by thin film material in industrial as well as domestic operations, coupled with the rising demand for efficiency and miniaturization, will continue to drive the thin film material market.



Semiconductor Materials Market to Surpass $46 Billion 2015

current semiconductor revenue forecasts point to mid- to high single digit growth and quarterly device revenues and silicon shipments are stronger when compared to the same period last year.



Global and Chinese Low-E glass industry current situation

At present, the global major LOW-E glass manufacturers are Pilkington (U.K.), PPG (U.S.), Glaverbel (Belgium), and Saint-Gobain (France), the overseas market is controlled by above enterprises.



SEMICON China, SOLARCON China, FPD China 2015

Key Numbers for SEMICON China, SOLARCON China, FPD China 2014 Total Verified Attendance (not inc. SEMICON/SOLARCON/FPD China exhibitors) 38,742