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High purity metal sputtering target

Ultra-high purity metal sputtering targets are an important part of electronic materials. The sputtering target industry chain mainly includes metal purification, target manufacturing, sputtering coating and terminal applications. Among them, the target manufacturing and sputtering coating links It is a key link in the entire sputtering target industry chain.

High purity metal sputtering target

At present, high-purity sputtering target products are mainly used in the semiconductor industry, flat panel display industry and solar cell industry

High-purity and even ultra-high-purity metal materials are the basis for the production of high-purity sputtering targets. High-purity sputtering targets have emerged with the development of the semiconductor industry. The integrated circuit industry has become the main source of high-purity sputtering targets. One of the application areas. With the rapid development of information technology, the integration of integrated circuits is required to be higher and higher, and the size of unit devices in the circuit is constantly shrinking. Each unit device is composed of a substrate, an insulating layer, a dielectric layer, a conductive layer, and a protective layer. Among them, the dielectric layer, the conductive layer and even the protective layer all use the sputtering coating process, so the sputtering target is a preparation integrated One of the core materials of the circuit. Targets for coating in the field of integrated circuits mainly include aluminum targets, titanium targets, copper targets, tantalum targets, tungsten titanium targets, etc. The purity of the target materials is required to be very high, generally above 5N (99.999%).

Take the sputtering target for semiconductor chips as an example. If the impurity content of the sputtering target is too high, the formed film will not meet the electrical performance required for use, and particles will easily form on the wafer during the sputtering process, resulting in electrical circuits. Short circuit or damage seriously affects the performance of the film. Under normal circumstances, high-purity metal purification is divided into chemical purification and physical purification. In order to obtain higher purity metal materials and maximize the removal of impurities, it is necessary to combine chemical purification and physical purification. After the metal is purified to a very high purity, it is often necessary to mix other metal elements before it can be put into use. In this process, it needs to go through the steps of melting, alloying and casting: by refining high-purity metal, removing oxygen, nitrogen, etc. Excess gas; then add a small amount of alloying elements to fully combine with high-purity metal and distribute them evenly; finally, it is cast into defect-free ingots to meet the requirements of metal composition and size during production and processing.

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