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PVD film material - sputtering target

PVD coating materials are the key materials of various thin film materials. They have a wide range of applications and a wide variety. Their purity, density, and quality play an important role in the quality and performance of the final electronic devices or optical components. At present, the purity of high-end thin film materials Generally, it is 99.99%-99.9999% (ie 4-6N), and its quality has a great influence on the performance of the coating, as well as the production efficiency and cost of the coating. The development of PVD coating materials involves multiple technical characteristics such as electrical, magnetic, thermal, reflectivity and color appearance.

PVD film material - sputtering target

In addition, Xinkang, as a manufacturer, must develop suitable coating materials for PVD film materials according to the various needs of customers. For example, metal materials need to use plastic processing, heat treatment and other technologies; ceramic materials use powder processing, sintering (vacuum sintering, atmospheric sintering, atmosphere sintering, pressure sintering) and other technologies; some special alloys must be used due to the requirement of uniformity of composition When it comes to composite powder preparation technology, the purpose is to control the material microstructure, such as the control of grain size, density, texture, etc., to meet customer product requirements.

Xinkang has gradually increased its investment in technology research and development. After several years of scientific and technological research and industrial application, it has gradually broken through the key technology threshold, has the large-scale production capacity of some products, and actively participates in international technology exchanges and market competition, and its overall technical strength Continuously enhance. Xinkang will continue to manufacture sputtering targets to meet market needs with the latest technology, and provide customers with tailor-made process solutions and sputtering target products.

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