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vacuum magnetron sputtering coating | Xk Ltd

Magnetron sputtering is a deposition technique that involvMagnetron sputtering is developed on the basis of two-pole sputtering. A magnetic field orthogonal to the electric field is established on the surface of the target, which solves the problems of low deposition rate of two-pole sputtering and low plasma ionization rate. It has become the mainstay of the coating industry. One of the methods.

vacuum magnetron sputtering coating

Factors affecting the results of magnetron sputtering coating
1. The influence of sputtering power. When the substrate and coating materials are determined, the selection of process parameters has a great influence on the growth rate of the coating and the quality of the coating. The setting of sputtering power has a great influence on both aspects
2. The influence of air pressure. Magnetron sputtering is a high-speed sputtering under low air pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the ionization rate of the gas to make the gas form a plasma. Under the condition that the sputtering power is fixed, analyze the influence of air pressure on magnetron sputtering.

Product advantages of magnetron sputtering coating
1. Almost all materials can be deposited by magnetron sputtering, regardless of the melting temperature;
2. The light source can be scaled and placed in any position in the chamber according to the requirements of the substrate and coating;
3. Thin films of alloys and compounds can be deposited while maintaining a composition similar to the original material.

Magnetron sputtering target

The scope of application of magnetron sputtering coating
1. Building materials and civil industry
2. Application in the decoration of aluminum alloy products
3. Application in decorative plating on the surface of high-end product parts/components
4. Application in stainless steel blade coating technology
5. Application in glass deep processing industry

Precautions for magnetron sputtering coating
1. Radiation: Some coatings need to use radio frequency power, such as high power, need to be shielded. In addition, according to European standards, metal wires are embedded around the door frame of the single-chamber coating machine to shield radiation.
2. Metal pollution: Some coating materials (such as chromium, indium, aluminum) are harmful to the human body, and special attention should be paid to the dust pollution that occurs during the cleaning of the vacuum chamber;
3. Noise pollution: such as some large coating equipment, the mechanical vacuum pump is very noisy, and the pump can be isolated outside the wall;
4. Light pollution: In the process of ion coating, gas ionization emits strong light, so it is not suitable to look through the observation window for a long time;

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