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The high-purity tungsten sputtering target used to manufacture chips has been made in China

Tungsten target

High-purity tungsten sputtering target is an important substrate for tungsten oxide film to realize its functional transition in semiconductor devices. Due to the high melting point of tungsten, tungsten sputtering targets are mainly prepared by powder metallurgy. The preparation method includes the steps of uniformly mixing tungsten powder with a purity of more than 99.999% and a particle size of 3.2-4.2μm, placing it in a vacuum heat treatment furnace for pre-degassing, then introducing hydrogen, and continuing to heat for degassing; The gas after the tungsten powder is vacuum hot pressed to complete the primary sintering step; the primary sintered tungsten plate is passed through a hot isostatic press to complete the secondary sintering step; the secondary sintered tungsten plate is processed by mechanical processing on the entire surface Grinding treatment obtains a high-purity tungsten target material for semiconductors with a purity of 99.999% and above and a density of 99% and above, which has the advantages of high purity, high density and low resistance.

Tungsten target for chip manufacturing

Tungsten sputtering target materials have high requirements for the purity of the target materials in semiconductor integrated circuits in the semiconductor field. Generally, the purity of the sputtering target materials is required to be above 99.999%. At the same time, the density of the sputtering target also has an important influence on the coating process and the performance of the film. The density of the sputtering target not only affects the deposition rate during sputtering, the density of the sputtered film particles and the discharge phenomenon, etc. It also affects the electrical and optical properties of the sputtered film. The denser the target, the lower the density of the sputtered film particles, the weaker the discharge phenomenon, and the better the performance of the film.

Tungsten target technology

For tungsten targets previously used in the field of chip manufacturing, only a few companies in the world, such as the United States and Japan, have the relevant manufacturing technology. Fortunately, with the support of the Made in China "2025" policy, more and more aspiring and insightful people return to China to start businesses, not only bringing back advanced technical experience, but also creating a better R&D atmosphere. This not only ends the history of metal sputtering targets that must rely on imports, but even rushes into the world's first echelon in this field.

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