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Application of Titanium Sputtering Target in Integrated Circuits and Flat Panel Displays

Metal titanium and titanium sputtering targets are basically the same, and both are composed of titanium. The difference is that metallic titanium is more like raw materials, while titanium targets are more like titanium products. Titanium as a raw material can be made into titanium sputtering targets by several methods. They are widely used in high-tech fields such as electronics, information industry, home decoration, and automobile glass manufacturing. In these industries, titanium targets are mainly used to coat surface panel displays of integrated circuits, flat panels and other components, or as decorations and glass coatings.

Titanium sputtering target

Different industries have different requirements for titanium targets. Let us take the titanium circuit as an example. Generally, we use the following performance evaluation indicators to determine whether the sputtering target meets the requirements:

· Titanium target for non-integrated circuits-purity 99.90%; microstructure (crystal size) <100 nm; welding performance, brazing, single body; dimensional accuracy 0.1 mm

· Titanium target for integrated circuit-purity 99.99%, 99.995%; microstructure (crystal size) <30 nm; welding performance: brazing and diffusion welding; dimensional accuracy 0.01 mm

It can be seen from the above that non-integrated circuits and integrated circuits have different requirements for titanium sputtering targets. Generally speaking, integrated circuits have high requirements for coating materials, such as higher purity, smaller grain size, and more precise dimensional accuracy. This is just an example, but it reveals that different industries have different requirements for titanium targets. When looking for a titanium target for your project, make sure you know the exact specifications of the product you need, which helps save time and money.

Titanium targets used in integrated circuits

It can be seen from the above table that the purity requirement of integrated circuit titanium target is mainly greater than 99.995%, which is higher than the purity used in non-integrated circuits.

Titanium sputtering target for integrated circuits

Titanium targets used in flat panel displays

Flat panel displays include liquid crystal displays (LCD), plasma displays (PDP), electroluminescence displays (EL) and field emission displays (FED). Sputter coating technology is commonly used to deposit thin films for flat panel displays. Al, Cu, Ti and Mo are the main metal sputtering targets for flat panel displays. The purity of the titanium target used for flat panel displays generally needs to be greater than 99.9%.

Titanium sputtering target for flat panel display

Structural development of titanium target

· Early chip foundries had high profit margins. They mainly use 100-150mm magnetron sputtering machines with lower power. The sputtering film is thick and the chip size is large. At that time, titanium targets for integrated circuits were mainly 100-150mm monomer and composite targets.

· In the second stage, according to Moore's Law, the chip line width becomes narrower. In order to increase profits, the chip foundry increased the sputtering power of the equipment, mainly using 150-200mm sputtering equipment. This requires increasing the size of the target while maintaining high thermal conductivity, low price and certain strength. During this period, the titanium target is mainly composed of aluminum alloy back plate diffusion welding and copper alloy back plate brazing and welding.

· In the third stage, with the development of integrated circuits, the width of the chip line is further narrowed. At this time, chip foundries mainly use 200-300mm sputtering machines, which have stricter requirements on target materials. During this period, the Ti target is mainly made of copper alloy backplane diffusion welding.

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