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What you need to know about titanium sputtering targets

titanium sputtering target

Titanium metal and titanium sputtering targets are essentially the same, both are composed of titanium; the difference is that titanium metal is more like a raw material, and titanium target is more like a titanium product. Using titanium as a raw material, titanium sputtering targets can be made by various methods, which are mainly used for various coatings, such as flat panel displays, glass and decorative coatings, and solar coatings. To understand the titanium target, you must first understand titanium.

The discovery of titanium is inseparable from the following three people:

· The British amateur mineralogist Pastor William Gregor was the first to discover a titanium-containing mineral.
· Bay Martin Heinrich Klaproth (Martin Heinrich Klaproth) uses the Greek "Titanic" to name the element "titanium".
· American chemist Matthew A. Hunter (Matthew A. Hunter) reduced TiCl with titanium to produce metallic titanium with a purity of 99.9%. This is the first time that mankind has obtained pure titanium.

Titanium properties

The titanium sputtering target has the same characteristics as its source material. Titanium is widely distributed in the earth's crust (about 0.4%). The world's titanium reserves are about 3.4 billion tons, ranking 9th among all elements. Titanium is a material with high commercial value. Because of its high strength, good corrosion resistance, and good heat resistance, it is widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical and health and other daily life fields. The corrosion resistance of titanium is mainly manifested in that titanium does not react with air at room temperature. However, in the actual production environment, titanium still undergoes different kinds of corrosion.

Definition of titanium sputtering target

The term "target" in "titanium sputtering target" comes from the common shooting target in our daily life. During the sputtering deposition process, the coating material is bombarded by electron beams or ion beams, just like the target is hit. Therefore, the material used in the sputtering process is called "sputtering target".

From metallic titanium to titanium sputtering target

Titanium sputtering target is a titanium product made of metallic titanium, used for sputtering coating to produce titanium thin film. Simply put, there are two methods for making titanium sputtering targets with titanium. 1. Casting melts the raw materials with a certain distribution ratio, pours the alloy solution into the mold to form an ingot, and finally processes it into a sputtering target. The method is smelted and cast in vacuum; 2. Powder metallurgy: melting raw materials with a certain distribution ratio, casting into ingots and then pulverizing, isostatically pressing the powder, then sintering at high temperature, and finally forming a target.

Powder metallurgy process of titanium sputtering target

The basic requirements of titanium sputtering target

Generally speaking, when measuring whether the sputtering target meets the first-level requirements, the following indicators will be considered:
Purity: Purity has a great influence on the film performance of sputtering coating. Taking the titanium target as an example, the higher the purity, the better the corrosion resistance and electrical properties of the sputtered film.
Impurity content: The impurities in the target solid and the oxygen and water vapor in the pores are the main pollution sources of the deposited film. Targets for different purposes have different requirements for their impurity content.
Density: The density of the target material not only affects the sputtering rate, but also affects the electrical and optical properties of the film. Therefore, in order to reduce the pores in the solid of the target material and improve the performance of the sputtered film, the target material is usually required to have a higher density.
Grain size and grain size distribution(detailed analysis): For the same target material, the sputtering speed of the fine-grain target material is faster than that of the coarse-grain target material; the target sputtering deposition film with smaller grain size difference (uniform distribution) The thickness is more uniform.
The above indicators are the basic requirements for sputtering targets. For the specific requirements of different applications for titanium targets, please refer to our previous article Application and Requirements of Titanium Targets.

Hope this article can help you learn more about titanium sputtering targets. We are a sputtering target manufacturer. If you have any questions about the target, you can enter our product page for more information, or send us an inquiry directly.

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