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How to maintain sputtering target

Sputtering target maintenance

As the use rate of sputtering targets increases, residues, such as dust, oil, oxides, etc., may adhere to the surface, and then the target surface has different degrees of nodules, and the product quality will also decline, resulting in production Increased costs. Therefore, the sputtering target needs to be cleaned sufficiently to ensure the cleanliness of the target.

Cleaning method of sputtering target

The purpose of cleaning the sputtering target is to remove impurities, dust or dirt that may exist on the surface of the target. The cleaning purpose can be achieved by the following methods. When cleaning the target material, please wear clean and lint-free protective gloves, and avoid direct contact with the target material with your hands.

Vacuum cleaner cleaning

· Remove large particles, and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the large particles that have settled on the sputtering surface of the target during the sputtering film formation process.
· Sandpaper sanding. Use sandpaper of the corresponding mesh to sand the sputtering surface of the target. The direction of sanding conforms to the direction of the runway formed on the sputtering surface of the target. At the same time, the yellow oxide layer on the middle surface of the runway is polished clean , To remove oxides and impurities on the sputtering surface
· Clean and remove dust, using a vacuum cleaner to suck up particles and dust generated by sandpaper on the sputtering surface of the target.
· Wipe cleaning: Use a dust-free cloth dipped in a small amount of alcohol to wipe and clean the sputtering surface of the target material, and remove the dust that is not completely absorbed until the surface of the dust-free cloth only slightly changes color.

Other cleaning methods

· Clean with a lint-free soft cloth soaked in acetone;
· Clean with alcohol;
· Wash with deionized water. After cleaning with deionized water, the target is placed in an oven and dried at 100 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. It is recommended to use "lint-free cloth" for cleaning of oxide and ceramic targets;
· Flush the target with high-pressure and low-moisture argon to remove all impurity particles that may cause arcing in the sputtering system. The above is the introduction of the sputtering target cleaning method, and then we will explain the maintenance of the sputtering target.

Maintenance of sputtering target

Leak tightness inspection

After the target is installed, the entire cathode needs to be inspected for short circuit and leak tightness. It is recommended to use a resistance meter to shake the meter to determine whether there is a short circuit on the cathode. After confirming that there is no short circuit in the cathode, a leak check can be carried out, and water is passed into the cathode to determine whether there is any leakage.

Sputtering target maintenance

To maintain the used sputtering target, in order to avoid short circuit and arcing caused by the unclean cavity during the re-sputtering process, it is necessary to remove the sputtering accumulated in the middle and both sides of the sputtering track in stages. This also helps users to continuously sputter with high power density.

Sputtering target storage  

Sputtering target storage

When sputtering target is not in use, whether it is a metal or ceramic target, it is recommended that users store the target in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag with a moisture-proof agent. In particular, the bonding target material needs to be stored under vacuum conditions to avoid oxidation of the bonding layer affecting the bonding quality. The outer packaging of the target material is generally a wooden box with an anti-collision layer around to protect the target material and the back target from damage during transportation and storage.
The cleaning method and maintenance of the sputtering target cannot be ignored, because the cleanliness of the target plays a vital role in the quality of the coating formed in the sputtering coating process, and whether the product quality is qualified or not. What residues on the handle are removed It can reduce the nodules on the surface of the target material, and can also improve the utilization rate and production efficiency of the target material. Moreover, the cleaning of the target material is also inseparable from the later maintenance. Xinkang New Material Co., Ltd. focuses on the high-purity sputtering target Research and development, production and sales, the introduction of advanced target quality control system, the target structure is uniform and small, the performance is stable and consistent, the sputtering film formation performance is excellent, and regular maintenance opinions and suggestions are provided. If you are interested in our products, please Get in touch with us.

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