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Four methods of forming ITO sputtering target


As is known, the ITO sputtering target is a black-gray ceramic semiconductor formed by a series of production processes after indium oxide and tin oxide powder are mixed in a certain proportion, and then sintered in a high temperature atmosphere (1600 degrees, oxygen sintering). The ITO film was subjected to magnetron sputtering to oxidize the ITO target onto a glass substrate or a flexible organic film by using an ITO target as a raw material. The ITO film has electrical conductivity and light transmittance, and the thickness is generally 30 nm to 200 nm.


At present, the four main forming methods of ITO target materials mainly include

Spraying method

The spraying method uses high-pressure gas (N2, H2, mixed gas or air) to carry powder particles through a convergent tube to generate a supersonic two-phase flow, which hits the substrate in a completely solid state, and deposits on the surface of the bound backplane through large plastic flow deformation The coating is formed, and the coating is thickened layer by layer to obtain a ceramic target.

Cold isostatic pressing

The cold isostatic pressing method is to put the preformed blank into a rubber sheath and immerse it in a high-pressure liquid to withstand isotropic pressure to increase the density of the blank. Cold isostatic pressing only obtains the green body with the highest density possible, making the sintering and densification of the green body easier. Since cold isostatic pressing does not have the sintering ability of hot isostatic pressing, an independent sintering process is required to fire the green body.

Hot isostatic pressing

The hot isostatic pressing method is to pack the powder or pre-pressed blank into the sheath, then vacuum the inside of the sheath, weld it and seal it, and put it in a high-pressure container, so that the powder is sintered, formed and sintered under high temperature and equal square pressure. Simultaneously.

Wet molding

Wet molding is to prepare a slurry of oxide powders, and then realize a green body with a specific shape through self-solidification, water absorption or pressure filtration, and then a high-density green body is obtained after drying. Wet forming can not only realize the function of cold isostatic pressing, but also make up for the shortcomings of cold isostatic pressing. Wet molding of ceramic targets includes grouting molding, colloidal molding, and direct solidification molding.

There are four methods for forming ITO target materials. The spraying method is the most widely used technology at present, and the products prepared by it are of high quality and good stability. If you have any questions about the above products and content, please contact us.

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Preparation method of ITO sputtering target