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Choose cylindrical plane sputtering target, good coating and high utilization rate

Common target shapes are rectangular planar targets and rotatory targets. From the name we can imagine what they look like, as shown below.

The targets of these two shapes have their own advantages and disadvantages. For details, please refer to our previous news Advantages and Disadvantages of Planar target and Rotatory targets. Today, the focus of our introduction is mainly on the cylindrical planar sputtering target, which is a new type of sputtering target, and the application market is very broad.

The structural principle of the rectangular planar magnetron target is applied to the cylindrical magnetron sputtering target, so that the magnetron sputtering target is designed as a cylindrical planar magnetron sputtering target. It combines the advantages of both a planar rectangular target and a coaxial cylindrical target, with uniform coating uniformity and high target utilization. The shape of the cylindrical planar sputtering target is shown in the picture above.

Compared with other forms of magnetron sputtering targets, the cylindrical planar magnetron sputtering target not only preserves the uniformity of the rectangular planar target coating, but also maximizes the utilization rate of the target by the following two approaches:

(1) When the annular pit on the surface of the target reaches a certain depth, the target core (magnet portion) can be rotated relative to the target tube, so that the unused area on the target tube can be utilized;

(2) When the target core of a cylindrical, planar magnetron sputtering target is designed to rotate the target core (the target is rotating during sputtering), the surface of the target can be sputtered uniformly layer by layer without There will be pits. At this time, the target will be used most effectively, and the utilization rate of the target can reach 50% to 60%. This is undoubtedly of great significance when the target is a precious metal material.

Cylindrical plane sputtering targets are undoubtedly superior to traditional plane targets and rotating targets. In the future, it is very likely that more advantageous target shapes will be continuously developed, and the market potential of target materials is endless. Xinkang is a global supplier of various sputtering targets such as metals, alloys, oxides, and ceramic materials. We promise to provide you with satisfactory service. If you have any questions about the target material, you can consult us.

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