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Aluminum scandium alloy sputtering target

Aluminum sputtering targets are used in many industries because they can deposit cheap aluminum films and have good electrical and thermal conductivity. However, the aluminum film is not strong, easy to wear, and has a short service life. Adding a certain amount of scandium to aluminum alloy can greatly improve the strength, hardness, weldability and corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy. It can be said that aluminum-scandium alloy sputtering target is an upgraded version of aluminum sputtering target.

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Aluminum Scandium Sputtering Target Application

Aluminum scandium alloys are much stronger than other high-strength alloys, exhibiting significant grain refinement, strengthening welds, and eliminating hot cracks in the weld. As shown in recent studies, these alloys also exhibit good corrosion resistance. Thus, aluminum scandium alloys and aluminum scandium sputter targets can be effectively used in the aerospace, sports and electronics industries.


Aluminum-scandium sputtering target material is superior to other aviation alloys such as aluminum-magnesium and aluminum-lithium alloy in terms of low density and high strength. Many countries have carried out more and more aluminum-scandium alloy target research projects. At present, aluminum scandium sputtering targets have been used in aircraft bulkhead coatings, wing coatings, various rotating and moving gears, and fuel and exhaust systems. Aluminum scandium alloy products have great potential in the aerospace industry.

sports equipment

The higher strength and better ductility of aluminum scandium alloys make them more attractive than ordinary aluminum alloys in the sports industry. Aluminum scandium alloys are used to make sports equipment such as baseball bats and golf clubs, and aluminum scandium sputtering targets are used for some surface coatings for helmets and sports metal equipment.


Nowadays, electronic products are moving towards a trend of “lighter”, and this is a point that electronics manufacturers need to consider. With its outstanding features of low density but high strength, the aluminum scandium alloy, is a preferred product for the outer casing of electronic products. Also, the use of aluminum scandium targets to coat the surface of other materials also improves the durability and longevity of the case. In addition to the electronics casing, aluminum scandium alloy sputter targets are also used for internal components such as coating the semiconductor chips and the sensor.

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