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Rare earth element - lanthanum boride sputtering target

As we all know, lanthanum boride is a thermionic material with the ability to emit electrons. It can be used as a direct high-temperature solar absorber or as an electron source. In the future, it can also reduce the system complexity of concentrating solar thermal electronic systems and bring real innovation in this field. Lanthanum boride sputtering targets have been used in the coating of electronic components.

Lanthanum boride, also known as lanthanum hexaboride, is a compound of rare earth metal element La and non-metal element B. The crystal structure is a simple cube with B atoms surrounding the lanthanum atoms to form an octahedral structure. Due to its crystal structure, the lanthanum hexaboride ceramic film made of lanthanum boride sputtering target has good conductivity.

Lanthanum boride sputtering target has high melting point, high strength and high hardness. The free electrons in the LaB6 structure also endow it with good electrical and thermal conductivity like metals. LaB6 sputtering target has high chemical stability, only reacts with aqua regia and nitric acid at room temperature, and has low oxidation between 600 ℃ and 900 ℃.

Other applications of lanthanum boride
Thermionic emission (cathode), plasma source of plasma enhanced coating (PECVD), vacuum electron beam welding machine, electron beam surface modification device, electron beam lithography device, transmission electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, surface analysis device, radiation Treatment equipment.

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