Changsha Xinkang Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd Metal Sputtering Targets
Metal Sputtering Targets

Xinkang Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd is a professional producer of PVD coating materials, we engaged in producing and suppling the most suitable and high quality metal sputtering targets.

We can produce and supply most of the metal materials on the periodic table, including rare earth metals. We generally use the production process of vacuum melting and hot pressing. By controlling the technical parameters of the processes of forging, rolling and annealing, the finished sputtering target has the characteristics of high density, low gas content, uniform internal structure, the end user can obtain constant erosion rates and high pure and homogeneous thin films during PVD process.

The sputtering targets purity can be 99% to 99.999%, different from metals. The shape can be round, rectangle, cathode and rotary tube, and also produced per the drawing supplied by customer.

Here are some of the traditional metal targets. By clicking "picture or text", you can learn more about the target production process, target performance and other aspects.

If the material you are looking for is not listed below, it does not mean that we can't provide it. Please be sure to contact us by email or phone, and we will give you an accurate reply within 24 hours.

Metal Sputtering Targets List