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Ceramic Targets

Xinkang Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd is a professional producer of PVD coating materials, we engaged in producing and suppling the most suitable and high quality metal sputtering targets, metal alloy sputtering targets, ceramic sputtering targets and evaporation materials, for the field of semiconductor and micro-electronics, optical glass coating, decoration, solar photovoltaic coating and flat panel display.

We can produce and supply full range of ceramic sputtering targets and compound targets, including oxide sputtering targets, carbide sputtering targets, fluoride sputtering targets, sulfide sputtering targets and so on. The production technology of ceramic sputtering targets are hot press. From the selection of raw materials to the control of temperature, pressure and time of hot press sintering, we strictly follow the specific production process, thus the finished ceramic sputtering targets have the characteristics of high purity, high density, uniform surface color without spots and crack, the end user can obtain constant erosion rates and high pure and homogeneous thin films during PVD process.

The sputtering targets purity can be 99% to 99.99%, different from materials. The shape can be round, rectangle, and rotary tube. We have supplied hundreds of ceramic targets to global universities and institutes, targets diamter is normally 1 inch to 4", bonded with copper backing plates by indium or elastmer. Our good quality, short delivery and good after sales service are highly appreciated by our worldwire customers.

We have listed some conventional ceramic targets below. If the material you are looking for is not listed below, it does not mean that we cannot provide it. Please be sure to contact us by email or phone, we will give you an accurate reply within 24 hours.

Ceramic Targets List