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Nickel Iron Sputtering Target
Nickel Iron Sputtering Target
Attributes Name
Nickel Alloy Sputtering Targets
Product Name
Nickel Iron Sputtering Target
Element Symbol
Ni + Fe
3N5, 4N
Planar target
Nickel Iron(NiFe)alloy Sputtering Target Description

Most composition of Nickel iron (NiFe) target can be produced by us. 

The melting point of Nickel-iron NiFe is 1430-1480 degrees and the density is between 8.1-8.7g/cm3. Nickel-iron alloy is a low-frequency soft magnetic material with low coercivity and high magnetic permeability in a weak magnetic field. In the early time, Nickel-iron alloys were used for telephone communication. Later, a heat treatment process and vacuum melting production method were introduced to improve the alloys properties.

The Nickel iron alloy containing Ni 78% has a permeability about 10~20 times higher than silicon steel in weak magnetic field. It is widely used in sensitive relays, magnetic shielding, telephone and radio transformers, precise AC and DC instrument, and current transformers. By adding elements such as molybdenum, manganese, cobalt, copper, and chromium to the nickel-iron alloy, a ternary or quaternary nickel-iron alloy having a larger initial permeability Ui and a maximum magnetic permeability Um can be obtained.
The main raw material of the nickel-iron NiFe sputtering target produced by Xinkang is high-purity nickel and iron, melted under vacuum furnace. The purity can reach more than 3N5. If customers have special requirements, we can also mass produce high-purity nickel-iron target with purity of 4N.

The pictures below are two micrographs of our NiFe(80/20 Wt%) alloy sputtering target, the average grain size<100μm.

Nickel-Iron alloy sputtering target  

NiFe alloy sputtering target

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