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Gadolinium Sputtering Target
Gadolinium Sputtering Target
Attributes Name
Rare earth sputtering target
Product Name
Gadolinium Sputtering Target
Element Symbol
Planar Sputtering Target
Gadolinium(Gd)Sputtering Target Description

Gadolinium(Gd)Sputtering Target
The gadolinium sputtering target is a composed of high-purity metal europium (Gd). It has a melting point of 1312°C, a boiling point of 3250°C, and a density of 7.895g/cm3. Gadolinium is a silvery-white metal when oxidation is removed. It is only slightly malleable and is a ductile rare-earth element. Gadolinium reacts with atmospheric oxygen or moisture slowly to form a black coating.

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