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Nickel chromium sputtering target
Nickel chromium sputtering target
Attributes Name
Nickel Alloy Sputtering Targets
Product Name
Nickel chromium sputtering target
Element Symbol
Ni + Cr
3N, 3N6, 4N
Planar target, Rotary target
Nickel chromium(NiCr)alloy Sputtering Target Description

Nickel Chromium (NiCr) Sputtering Target are used for depositing nickel chromium alloy resistive film by PVD technology, the nickel chromium film has high resistivity, low temperature coefficient of resistance, high sensitivity coefficient and low temperature dependence. The resistive film of nickel chromium alloy is easily prepared,and PVD coating process is mature, and coating layer performance is excellent, therefore it is mainly used to deposit precision resistive films in hybrid integrated circuits, which can meet the performance requirements of resistive strain gauge sensitive films, and commonly used for preparing thin film resistance strain gauges.

In the PVD coating industry, NiCr binary alloy target and its films are widely used in surface strengthened thin films such as abrasion resistance, abrasion reduction, heat and corrosion resistance, as well as low-emissivity glass, microelectronics, magnetic recording, semiconductors and film resistors and other high-end technology industries. 

The following pictures are two micrographs of our NiCr(80/20 wt%) alloy sputtering target, the average grain size<100μm.

nickel chromium alloy sputtering target

NiCr alloy sputtering target

The NiCr sputtering targets we produced are high purity, its most important benefits are that making your thin films possess an outstanding level of electrical conductivity and minimized particle formation during the PVD process.

In addition, we can also produce various nickel alloy targets, such as NiAl, NiCo, NiCu, NiV, NiW, NiCrSi and so on,and targets can be produced according to your different requirements in composition, dimension and grain size. Please contact us if you have any requirements.   

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