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Holmium Sputtering Target
Holmium Sputtering Target
Attributes Name
Rare earth sputtering target
Product Name
Holmium Sputtering Target
Element Symbol
Planar Sputtering Target
Holmium(Ho)Sputtering Target Description

Holmium Sputtering Target

Holmium sputtering target is a silver metal target made of high-purity Holmium (Ho) metal. It has a melting point of 1474°C, a boiling point of 2695°C, and a density of 8.79g/cm3.
Holmium is a relatively soft and malleable element that is fairly corrosion-resistant and stable in dry air at standard temperature and pressure. In moist air and at higher temperatures, however, it quickly oxidizes, forming a yellowish oxide. In pure form, holmium possesses a metallic, bright silvery luster.

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