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Scandium sputtering target
Scandium sputtering target
Attributes Name
Rare earth sputtering target
Product Name
Scandium sputtering target
Element Symbol
Planar sputtering target
Scandium(Sc)Sputtering Target Description

Scandium Sputtering Target

Scandium is a chemical element with symbol Sc and atomic number 21, It is a soft, silver-white transition metal with a melting point of 1541℃ and a boiling point of 2831℃. Easy to dissolve in water, can have reaction with hot water, easy to darken in air, main valence is +3 valence. It is often mixed with gadolinium, erbium, etc., with a low yield and a content of about 0.0005% in the crust. Scandium is often used to make special glass, light and high-temperature alloys.
Scandium sputtering Target is produced by vacuum melting technology, Scandium is a kind of rare earth element, which is an irreplaceable strategic resource used in many fields of national defense and high technology, it has its own special physical and chemical properties, It has been used to prepare aluminum-scandium alloy, fuel cell, scandium sodium halogen lamp, tracer, laser crystal and other products, In special steel, nonferrous alloys, high performance ceramics, catalysts and other fields have broad application prospects.
We produce high quality Scandium sputtering Target for semiconductor and R&D purpose, and Aluminium scandium targets are also available in our factory.

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