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Tin sputtering target
Tin sputtering target
Attributes Name
High purity metal sputtering target
Product Name
Tin sputtering target
Element Symbol
Planar target, rotating target
Tin(Sn)Sputtering Target Description

Tin sputtering target is a silver-gray metallic sputtering target, Because tin has good chemical resistance, it can be used as a coating for other metals to prevent corrosion.Tin is widely used in the manufacture of soft solder. In this solder, tin forms alloys with other elements to produce various alloys with different characteristics. Tin is also a component of bronze, tin, certain bearing materials and fusible alloys.

Application of tin sputtering target

Tin sputtering target is used for thin film deposition, usually in fuel cells, decoration, semiconductors, displays, LEDs and photovoltaic devices, glass coatings, etc. Tin is also used to coat other metals to prevent corrosion. Tin alloys are important in soft solder, tin, bronze and phosphor bronze. For example, niobium-tin alloy is used for superconducting magnets.

Following is a typically Certificate of analysis of 4N Tin Sputtering Target.

Analytical Methods:
1. Metallic elements were analyzed by ICP-OES;
2. Gas elements were analyzed by LECO.

Tin sputtering target

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