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Zirconium sputtering target
Zirconium sputtering target
Attributes Name
High purity metal sputtering target
Product Name
Zirconium sputtering target
Element Symbol
Planar target, rotating target
Zirconium(Zr)Sputtering Target Description

Zirconium sputtering target has the same properties as its raw material. Its density is 6.49g/cc, melting point is 1852℃, and vapor pressure is 10 -4 Torr at 1987℃. It is a shiny, off-white, strong transition metal, very similar to hafnium and to a lesser extent similar to titanium. Zirconium is mainly used as a refractory material and opacifier, but a small amount of zirconium is used as an alloying agent because of its strong corrosion resistance.

Zirconium Sputtering Target is produced by melting technology, normally used for decorative coating and optical coating. High pure Zirconium Sputtering Targets contain very low Hafnium is normally applied for optical field, we supply standard Hf and Zr targets for Leybold coating equipment.

While zirconium sputtering targets and zirconium arc cathodes with lower purity are used for making gold color films. With up to 99.4% purity, uniform grain size, lower impurity content, end user can obtain good hardness, high brightness, corrosion and oxidation resistant color without discolour or tarnish for a very long time. We have been supplying Zirconium Sputtering Target or Zirconium arc cathodes for manufacturers of watch, sanitary ware, car mirrors, etc, which are suitable for various magnetron sputtering machines and ion plating machines.


Following is a typically Certificate of analysis of 3N5 Zirconium Sputtering Target.
Analytical Methods:
1. Metallic elements were analyzed by ICP-OES;
2. Gas elements were analyzed by LECO.

Zirconium sputtering target

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