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Iron Cobalt Sputtering Target
Iron Cobalt Sputtering Target
Attributes Name
Iron Alloy Sputtering Targets
Product Name
Iron Cobalt Sputtering Target
Element Symbol
Fe + Co
Planar target, Rotary target
Iron Cobalt(FeCo)Sputtering Target Description

Magnetic Recording Material is a kind of magnetic material that make use of magnetic properties and magnetic effects to input , record, store, and output information, such as sounds, images, figures and etc. It is divided into magnetic recording medium material and magnetic head material.The former mainly complete the information recording and storage function, and the latter mainly complete the information writing and reading function.In physics, these products are called magnetic recording media (only magnetic powder is considered magnetic recording materials).

In the consumption structure of these products, audio tapes account for the largest proportion. Magnetic recording has the characteristics of high recording density, stable and reliable, repeatable use, variable time reference, wide frequency range, fast information writing and reading.Widely used in broadcasting, film, television, education, medical treatment, automatic control, geological exploration, electronic computing technology, military, aerospace and daily life.

Magnetic recording materials are classified into granular materials and continuous film materials according to their morphology, and metal materials and non-metallic materials according to their properties. Widespread use of magnetic recording medium is Γ-Fe2O3 material, in addition to CrO2, Fe,-Co and Co-Cr material and so on.Magnetic head materials mainly include Mn-Zn, Ni-Zn ferrite, Fe-Al, Ni-Fe-Nb and Fe-Al-Si alloy materials. Xinkang is a professional producer of Iron Cobalt FeCo sputtering targets, customers can obtain goon FeCo thin film by PVD technology.

The following pictures are two micrographs of our FeCo(70/30 wt%) alloy sputtering target, the average grain size<100μm.

铁钴1.jpg 铁钴2.jpg

The FeCo sputtering targets we produced are high purity, and alloy composition can be customized accorrding to your requirement, its most important benefits are that making your films possess an outstanding level of electrical conductivity and minimized particle formation during the PVD process.

In addition, we can also produce various iron alloy targets, such as FeHf, FePt and etc., and targets can be produced according to your different requirements in composition, dimension and grain size. Please contact us if you have any requirements.

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