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Silicon sputtering target
Silicon sputtering target
Attributes Name
High purity metal sputtering target
Product Name
Silicon sputtering target
Element Symbol
Planar target
Silicon(Si)Sputtering Target Description

Polycrystalline silicon, also called polysilicon or poly-Si, is a high purity, polycrystalline form of silicon, used as a raw material by the solar photovoltaic and electronics industry.Polysilicon is produced from metallurgical grade silicon by a chemical purification process, called the Siemens process. This process involves distillation of volatile silicon compounds, and their decomposition into silicon at high temperatures. An emerging, alternative process of refinement uses a fluidized bed reactor. The photovoltaic industry also produces upgraded metallurgical-grade silicon (UMG-Si), using metallurgical instead of chemical purification processes. When produced for the electronics industry, polysilicon contains impurity levels of less than one part per billion (ppb), while polycrystalline solar grade silicon (SoG-Si) is generally less pure.

The polysilicon feedstock – large rods, usually broken into chunks of specific sizes and packaged in clean rooms before shipment – is directly cast into multicrystalline ingots or submitted to a recrystallization process to grow single crystal boules. The products are then sliced into thin silicon wafers and used for the production of solar cells, integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices.
Silicon sputtering target, as a very important functional materials, it mainly used for depositing SiO2, Si3N4 and other dielectric layer by magnetic sputtering process. Those thin films are characterized by excellent hardness, optic, dielectric properties, wear and corrosion resistance, which is widely applied to the field of LCD transparent conducting glass, LOW-E building glass and micro-electronics.

Type: poly-crystalline or mono-crystalline
Purity: 5N, 6N
Available shape: Planar, Rotary
Growth method: Czochralski (CZ)
Conductivity type: P type (Boron doped) & N type (phosphorus doped)
length:300mm max
width:150mm max
diameter:300mm max
Specific resistance:0.005-0.02
10 min
Planeness (TIR): < 1.2μm
Partial planeness (STIR): <0.3μm
Warp: <30μm  

Following is a typically Certificate of analysis of 5N Silicon Sputtering Target.
Analytical Methods:
1. Metallic elements were analyzed by GDMS;
2. Gas elements were analyzed by LECO.

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