Changsha Xinkang Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd Alloy Sputtering Target Aluminium Copper alloy Sputtering Target
Aluminium Copper alloy Sputtering Target
Aluminium Copper alloy Sputtering Target
Attributes Name
Aluminium Alloy Sputtering Targets
Product Name
Aluminium Copper alloy Sputtering Target
Element Symbol
Al + Cu
4N, 5N
Aluminium Copper(AlCu)Sputtering Target Description

Aluminum Copper(AlCu)alloy Sputtering Target is produced by vacuum melting technology, usually used for IC production as interconnect materials. Compared to aluminum interconnects, high purity aluminum copper AlCu(0.5-4%) interconnects have more uniform inner micro-structure, and the interconnects’ electromigration and diffusion to wafer can be improved effectively. With 5N high purity, uniform grain size, lower oxygen content, end user can obtain constant erosion rates as well as high purity and homogeneous thin film coating during PVD process.

In the production of integrated circuits, it is common that the phenomenon of diffusion of silicon into the aluminum interconnect layer. If a saturated concentration of silicon is added to the aluminum to form an aluminum silicon alloy, the problem can be effectively improved. So we also produce Aluminum silicon AlSi sputtering target and Aluminum silicon copper AlSiCu sputtering target for IC application.

Available Composition: AlCu99.5/0.5wt%, AlCu99/1wt%, AlCu98/2wt%, AlCu95/5wt%. 

Silicon sputtering target