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Iron Hafnium Sputtering Target
Iron Hafnium Sputtering Target
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Iron Alloy Sputtering Targets
Product Name
Iron Hafnium Sputtering Target
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Plane target,Shaped customization
Iron Hafnium (FeHf) Alloy Sputtering Target Description

The hafnium in the iron hafnium (FeHf) alloy target can be used as one of the main component of rare earth permanent magnetic materials, and the addition amount can reach 30wt%, and the magnetic properties of the permanent magnetic material can be improved after adding metal hafnium, can greatly improve the high-temperature demagnetization resistance of permanent magnet materials, but hafnium has high chemical activity, high melting point, and very easy to burn at high temperature, which make it difficult to add. It can only be added in the form of a master alloy. At the same time, it is difficult for hafnium to form an alloy with rare earth metals. Therefore, in order to improve the magnetic properties of rare earth permanent magnetic materials, rare earth elements are usually added in the form of iron rare earth master alloy, and metal hafnium is added in the form of iron hafnium master alloy. The iron rare earth master alloy is mainly produced through electrolysis and vacuum melting, and the production technology is relatively mature. The metal hafnium (generally sponge hafnium) has high melting point of 2227°C, which is extremely difficult to melt under normal temperature and pressure, and burns severely in the air, which is not conducive to the alloying process and consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, the iron hafnium master alloy can only be produced by vacuum melting. The iron hafnium alloy target produced by us is mainly used in magnetic thin film materials. Its function is to improve the performance of rare earth permanent magnetic thin film materials and improve its application characteristics in high-temperature environments.

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