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Cobalt Chromium sputtering target
Cobalt Chromium sputtering target
Attributes Name
Cobalt Alloy Sputtering Targets
Product Name
Cobalt Chromium sputtering target
Element Symbol
99.9% - 99.95%
Plane target, Shaped customization
Cobalt Chromium Alloy Sputtering Target Description

Cobalt chromium (CoCr) alloy target is a silvery white color, which is an alloy with cobalt and chromium as the main components. Since 1929, it has been used as a dental restoration material, and its corrosion resistance and mechanical properties are better than gold alloys or stainless steel. According to different customer requirements, the composition of cobalt chromium alloy can be different. Generally, it can be divided into three types: soft, medium-hard and hard according to its Rockwell hardness. Cobalt chromium alloy has good mechanical properties, stable chemical properties and strong corrosion resistance. Cobalt chromium alloy has the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance under general working conditions. Some working conditions may also require the workpiece to be resistant to high temperature, wear and corrosion at the same time. Under such complex working conditions, the more the advantages of cobalt chromium alloy can be realized. When it is used as a coating material, cobalt chromium can significantly improve the wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of the substrate.

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