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Iron Sputtering Target
Iron Sputtering Target
Attributes Name
High purity metal sputtering target
Product Name
Iron Sputtering Target
Element Symbol
3N, 3N5, 4N
Planar target, Rotary target
Iron( Fe)Sputtering Target Description

High-purity iron( Fe) sputtering target is an important material for preparing magnetic recording media, magnetic recording write heads, optoelectronic devices and magnetic sensors.

The microstructure can be adjusted by our flexibility production process, to achieve your desired effect. If the grains of the sputtering target are uniformly aligned, the user can benefit from constant erosion rates and homogeneous layers. Following are two micrographs of our iron sputtering target, the average grain size<100μm.


sputtering targets Fe sputtering targets

Our high purity sputtering target can make the film possess an outstanding level of electrical conductivity and minimize the particle formation during the PVD process. Following is a typical certificate of analysis for 4N iron sputtering target.

Analytical Methods:
1. Metallic elements were analyzed by GDMS and ICP-OES.
2. Gas elements were analyzed by LECO.

Iron sputtering target preparation process
Material preparation - vacuum induction melting - chemical analysis - forging - rolling - heat treatment - metallographic inspection - machining - dimensional inspection - cleaning - final inspection-packaging

Iron sputtering target alloy series
Iron chromium, iron cobalt pick, iron cobalt, iron cobalt nickel chromium, iron cobalt nickel chromium, iron cobalt nickel, iron silicon, iron silicon boron carbon, iron silicon boron carbon, iron gallium, iron gallium boron, iron ruthenium gallium silicon, iron Al-Si, Fe-Mn, Fe-Ni and other alloy targets.

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