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Copper Gallium alloy Sputtering Target
Copper Gallium  alloy Sputtering Target
Attributes Name
Copper Alloy Sputtering Targets
Product Name
Copper Gallium alloy Sputtering Target
Element Symbol
Cu + Ga
4N, 5N
Planar target, Rotary target
Copper Gallium(CuGa) alloy Sputtering Target Description

Copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) thin film solar cell with low production cost, low pollution, no degradation, weak light performance, etc. its photoelectric conversion efficiency is the best among various thin film solar cells, the efficiency is close to the crystalline silicon solar cell, while its cost is two third lower, now it is internationally known as "a new type of thin-film solar cell that is very promising in the next era". In addition, the battery has a soft and uniform black appearance which is an ideal choice for the places with higher requirements for appearance, such as the glass curtain wall of large buildings, it has a large market in modern high-rise buildings and other fields. CIGS solar cells have attracted much attention in recent years, and CuGa sputtering target is the key material used to form the optical absorption layer of CIGS solar cells.In addition to the regular planar target, we have developed a low-cost unique rotating target manufacturing method, which can continuously and steadily provide solar cell manufacturers with high-quality and cheap CuGa rotating targets.

The following image shows the microscopic metallographic examination of copper gallium (75:25wt%) alloy sputtering target with the average particle size < 300μm.

Copper gallium alloy target material for sputtering is provided, wherein the mass percentage content of copper is 38.0-68.0%, and the mass percentage content of gallium is 32.0-62.0%. The present invention also provide the above mentioned copper gallium alloy target material for sputtering. The preparation method includes the following steps: (1) batching; (2) smelting; (3) directional solidification; (4) cutting; (5) heat treatment. The present invention of copper gallium alloy target for sputtering solve the problem of copper indium gallium, the proportion of gallium in the precursor film and the arc discharge problem caused by the defect of the target material during the sputtering process.

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