Changsha Xinkang Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd Metal Sputtering Targets Antimony (Sb) Sputtering Target
Antimony (Sb) Sputtering Target
Antimony (Sb) Sputtering Target
Attributes Name
High purity metal sputtering target
Product Name
Antimony (Sb) Sputtering Target
Element Symbol
4N, 5N

Antimony is a semimetallic chemical element which can exist in two forms: the metallic form is bright, silvery, hard and brittle; the non metallic form is a grey powder. Antimony is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, it is stable in dry air and is not attacked by dilute acids or alkalis.

Very pure antimony is used to make certain types of semiconductor devices, such as diodes and infrared detectors. Antimony is alloyed with lead to increase lead's durability. Antimony alloys are also used in batteries, low friction metals, type metal and cable sheathing, among other products.

Typical certificate of analysis of 4N Antimony (SbSputtering Target

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