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Silver sputtering target
Silver sputtering target
Attributes Name
Precious Metal Sputtering Targets
Product Name
Silver sputtering target
Element Symbol
4N, 4N5
Planar sputtering target, Rotary sputtering target
Silver(Ag)Sputtering Target Description

The silver sputtering target has the same performance as its raw material.Silver is a white shiny metal, atomic number: 47, atomic structure is a face-centered cubic structure, its melting point: 961 ° C, boiling point: 2163 ° C, density: 10.5 g / cm3.

As silver metal has the characteristics of "high reflectivity" and "low resistance", so the pure silver sputtering targets and silver alloy sputtering targets are normally used for depositing reflective film, electrode film, wiring film and translucent film (semi-permeable film),which are applied for the following industries: organic EL display , lighting, touch screen, thin film solar cells, LED (light emitting diode), Low-E glass (building materials), optical recording media (BD, DVD, CD, etc.).

Although pure silver film has good characteristics of low resistance and high reflectance, as time passes, reflectance and conductivity are lowered by corrosion and cohesion. Therefore, we also produce silver alloys by adding some metals, to improve the durability and heat resistance.

The flexibility of our production process allows to adjust the microstructure of our coating material to achieve your desired effect. If the grains of the sputtering target are uniformly aligned, the user can benefit from constant erosion rates and homogeneous layers. The picture below are two micrographs of our cobalt sputtering target, the average grain size<100μm.

Chemical Specification
The form below is a typical certificate of 99.99% pure silver Ag sputtering target:

Preparation process of silver sputtering target
Material Preparation-Vacuum Melting-Chemical Analysis-Rolling-Annealing-Metallographic Inspection-Machining-Dimensional Inspection-Cleaning-Final Inspection-Packaging-Shipment

Silver sputtering target and preparation method thereof
Select silver raw materials with a purity of 4N or more, use atmospheric smelting or vacuum smelting methods to melt the silver raw materials, and cast the molten soup, and then cool to form an ingot blank. The step ingot blank is immediately heat-preserved and heat-treated at a temperature range of 400~900℃ Insulation and homogenization, the holding time is more than 0.5h, and then hot rolling or air hammer forging to form silver billets, cold rolling the silver billets to form cold rolled billets, annealing the cold rolled billets, the annealing heat treatment temperature is 350~700℃, the time is 0.5 hour to 3 hours, to obtain a fine and uniform silver target blank, and finally a large-size silver target can be obtained through machine tool processing. This process has high processing efficiency and can produce good quality , Low-cost large-size silver target.

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