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Platinum sputtering target
Platinum sputtering target
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Precious Metal Sputtering Targets
Product Name
Platinum sputtering target
Element Symbol
Plane target, customized
Platinum(Pt)Sputtering Target Description

Platinum is a chemical element with the symbol Pt and atomic number 78. It is a dense, malleable, ductile, highly unreactive, precious, silverish-white transition metal. Platinum is one of the least reactive metals. It has remarkable resistance to corrosion, even at high temperatures, and is therefore considered a noble metal. Consequently, platinum is often found chemically uncombined as native platinum.

Its most prominent commercial application is as a catalytic converter in vehicles. Platinum is evaporated under vacuum for the manufacture of semiconductors, fuel cells, and batteries. It is also utilized as a layer for optical coatings. Platinum is commonly found in jewelry and laboratory instruments.

The form below is a typical certificate of 99.95% pure Platinum Pt sputtering target:

Platinum sputtering target

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