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Nickel titanium sputtering target
Nickel titanium sputtering target
Attributes Name
Nickel Alloy Sputtering Targets
Product Name
Nickel titanium sputtering target
Element Symbol
Planar sputtering target
Nickel titanium (NiTi) alloy sputtering target Description

The nickel titanium alloy sputtering target which purity is over 99.9%, melting point is 1310°C, density is 6.45 g/cm3, and a bright silver alloy sputtering target. This alloy exhibits superelasticity or pseudoelasticity and shape memory properties. This means that this unique metal alloy can remember its original shape and shows great elasticity under pressure. Shape memory and super elasticity are the most unique properties of this alloy. The shape memory properties enable the metal to "remember" its original shape and retain it when heated above its transformation temperature. The reason is nickel and titanium are different in the crystal structures. This pseudo-elastic metal also shows incredible elasticity, about 10 to 30 times the elasticity of any ordinary metal.

Application field of Nitinol sputtering target
Because shape memory alloy has the advantages of super elasticity, high damping, wear resistance and corrosion resistance in addition to its unique shape memory function, it has been widely used in many fields such as machinery, construction, aerospace, automobile and medical treatment.

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