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Plane array and digitalization is the megatrend for all display systems nowadays. The LCD (Liquid crystal display) is the fastest developing item. It adopts thin film transistors since its crystal display shares the benefits of low power consumption, high illuminating level and fast response. It has therefore become the essential display production industry all over the world. To produce either the array substrate or the color filter film for manufacturing the LCD will inevitably rely on sputtering films with high-uniformity and flatness. XK produce various metal and metal alloy sputtering target applied in flat panel display field, with high purity and flexible dimension, such as high purity(5N) Aluminum sputtering target for depositing electrode layer in TFT(thin film transistor), chromium sputtering target for black matrix thin film materials, and molybdenum sputtering target for protective thin film materials. The sputtering target we produced for flat panel display are listed below.

Materials Applied To Flat Panel Display