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Xinkang is a professional manufacturer of sputtering targets and evaporation materials

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Changsha Xinkng Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd

Xinkang has been a leading supplier of coating products such as metal sputtering targets, alloy sputtering targets, ceramic sputtering targets and evaporation materials. Xinkang’s mission is to provide a consistent, reliable source for clients’ high purity materials. Since the establishment of Xinkang, we have provided customers with quality products, services and support at competitive prices.

Through continuous improvement of production capacity, research capacity and close cooperation with customers, Xinkang has developed material solutions for many companies. We not only provide qualified products, but also provide satisfactory designs, solutions, best service and timely delivery. We believe that you will find Xinkang to be your trustable suppliers.

Our Advantages

We can not only provide you with excellent service, cost-effective and good-quality
products, but also customize products according to your needs.

Excellent Service
All your emails will be replied within 24 hours by our professional sales engineers
Professional skill
Rich production experience and new technology development, create value for 300 + customers
Stable Quality
Mature Production technology, manufacture high quality products, make customer satisfied
Competitive price
Supply from factory directly without any third parties, to ensure you competitive price and short delivery
Complete product series
Complete product series, provide customers one-stop shopping experience
R & D and Customization
Develop products according to your needs, provide customers overall solution
Application Of Deposition Materials

We mainly supply high quality vacuum deposition materials to following industries


Automotive electronics

Industrial intelligence

information Technology

Aerospace Military


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