Changsha Xinkng Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd Sputtering target recycling service


      We have always put the R&D of new products and technologies as the top priority of the company’s operations. Every year, the proportion of our R&D funds has been rising. Our research and development activities on new products and technologies for sputtering targets have also undertaken to lead the company. As a strategic direction of sustainable development and operation in the future, our goal is to be a professional target material manufacturing company, supplying specific market needs, and creating a target series with high specificity.
      At the same time, in order to meet the needs of customers for the new generation and rapid development of sputtering target performance, we do not only stop at providing products, but provide overall solutions including technical support and product development, and move forward with our customers. The forefront of the times. With years of production experience and knowledge resources, our R&D engineers have mastered a lot of skills and experience, and can provide our customers with a process route from laboratory scale to pilot test to large-scale mass production. We provide these R&D customized production services to ensure complete confidentiality for customers.

R & D Field

Metallic New Materials

  • Optoelectronic materials
  • Surface coating
  • Film material
  • Composite material
  • Powder material
  • Structural materials

Oxide New Materials

  • Coated film
  • new energy vehicles
  • Electronic ceramics
  • Microporous material
  • Nano powder
  • Performance catalyst

Kilo laboratory


Sample Analysis

Customer can send a sample to us, we will analyze the chemical composition by XRD, ICP, GDMS and other chemical analysis instruments

Imitate production

After getting the sample chemical composition, our engineers will design production process according to the materials characters, and perform production in our Laboratory.

Product Analysis

When the laboratory production is finished, we will analyze the products according to customers’ requirement, to ensure all the chemical specification and characters are met.

Performance improvement

We can also disassemble and analyze samples based on samples provided by customers, compare and improve formulas, and add trace elements to improve the performance of sputtering targets.

Failure diagnosis

When the sputtering target material is unqualified, various analysis methods are used to determine whether the problem is caused by an inaccurate ratio or some impurities mixed in the production process, and finally a solution is formulated according to the reason.

Physical and chemical testing

For the final sputtering target, we also provide physical and chemical performance tests, such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, electrical conductivity, density, hardness, etc.