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Gold Sputtering Target

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Product Name

Gold Sputtering Target

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Availble Shape

Round sputtering target, rectangle sputtering target, evaporation pellets


We supply high quality gold Au sputtering targets with very good quality, the purity is more than 99.99%, density is close to 19.3g/cm3, as well as uniform grain size, the user can benefit from constant erosion rates and achieve very homogeneous gold Au layers.

Standard size for gold target:
Diameter: 60mm, 57mm, 54mm, 50mm, 38mm, 19mm; Thickness: 0.1mm up.



Gold sputtering targets is a very important materials of semiconductor, it’s used for depositing gold thin film on the surface of semiconductor chips, to form ohmic contact film, electrode or other films, it can form various metallic films system. Most of gold oxide film system can be used for manufacturing LED, microwave communication device, widely applied in spaceflight, aviation, semiconductor chips and Solar Cells.
Meanwhile, we also supply high quality gold Au pellets, gold palladium alloy target, gold platinum, gold germanium alloy sputtering targets and gold germanium nickel alloy sputtering targets, if you are interested, pls contact us for more information.

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