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As an ISO 9001 Certified and ISO 14001 Certified Company
For a long time, Changsha Xinkang insists on taking scientific and technological innovation as the first core competitiveness, and focusing on customer needs, as well as continues to optimize the industrial structure. To today, the business scope has been expanded to four business division: functional materials, material processing, R&D materials and experimental solutions. The industries we serves mainly include: electronic, automobile transportation, R&D industry, medical equipment and green energy, etc.
Changsha Xinkang, as a new material innovation company with global operation, is headquartered in Changsha, Hunan. And we have two production factories both in Changsha Economic Development Zone and Liuyang High-tech Zone, forming a strong production and operation network. In addition, the R&D and sales center located by the beautiful Changsha Songya Lake has started working, it is committed to providing more competitive product, services and comprehensive solutions to global customers
In the future, Changsha Xinkang will adhere to the mission of "Gathering material technology, creating infinite future", and continue to innovate in the field of advanced materials, leading the development of the industry, and create a better life for mankind!
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Sputtering Coating Material
Vacuum sputtering coating process has good repeatability and the film thickness are controllable, the thin film with uniform thickness can be obtained on large area substrate materials, which has the advantages of high purity and good compactness, and has become one of the key technologies of preparing thin films, the metal and ceramic sputtering target used for sputtering coating has also become the largest amount of coating materials in the current market, which be widely used in semiconductor, solar photovoltaic, flat panel display and electric new energy applications.
Evaporation Coating Material
Vacuum evaporation coating technology is simple and convenient, easy to operate and has fast film forming speed and other characteristics, which is a widely used coating technology. Vacuum coating materials can be divided into metal, alloy pellets according to the chemical composition of evaporation materials, oxygen compound vaporizers, fluoride vaporizers, sulfide vaporizers, etc. widely used in optical components, LED, flat panel display and semiconductor industry.
Product Advantage
  • High Chemical Purity
  • Low Gas Content
  • Close to 100% Density
  • Uniform Grains
  • Dense and Homogeneous Inner Structure
Xinkang Advantage
An advanced materials innovative company with globally operated
Xinkang's R&D, production and quality inspection are carried out in accordance with the ISO9001&ISO14001. Meanwhile, we adopt PDCA cycle management method to plan, implement, inspect and continuously improve the quality and environmental management system, we believe only stableproduct quality can obtain long-term support from customers, we learn good management model from others, combined with our own unique quality management mode and improve it controllability, to ensure our products’ quality stability and controllability .
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    Strong R&D and Technical Team
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    Advanced Quality Inspection Equipment
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    Strict Quality Control System
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    Specialized Before-after Sales Service
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Company Profile | Xinkang Materials
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