Flat Panel Display

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Flat panel displays mainly include liquid crystal display (LCD), plasma display (PDP), organic light-emitting diode display (OLED), and touch control (TP) display products developed on the basis of LCD.
The coating is the basic tache of the modern flat panel display industry. In order to ensure the uniformity of large area film layers, improve productivity and reduce cost, almost all types of flat panel display devices will use a large number of coating materials to form various functional films. 
The PVD coating materials used are mainly sputtering targets. Many properties of flat panel display such as resolution, transmittance and so on are closely related to the performance of sputtered film.
The main types of sputtering targets for plate display coating which XK produces include molybdenum target, aluminum target, aluminum alloy target, chromium target, copper target, copper alloy target, silicon target, titanium target, niobium target and indium tin oxide (ITO) target, etc.
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Materials Applied to Flat Panel Display
Flat Panel Display | Xinkang Materials
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Flat Panel Display | Xinkang Materials
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