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In all applications, the semiconductor has the highest technical requirements and purity for the sputtering target, and the semiconductor chip has set strict standards for the purity and internal microstructure of the sputtering target. If the impurity content is too high, the film formed will not be able to meet the performance required for use, and it is easy to form particles on the wafer in the process of sputtering, resulting in short circuits or damage to the circuit. The properties of the film will be seriously affected.
The semiconductor industry is mainly composed of integrated circuits, semiconductor discrete devices, photoelectric devices and sensors, among which the integrated circuit is the largest component of the semiconductor industry, and is also an important application field of sputtering targets. The sputtering target is one of the core materials for the fabrication of integrated circuits. 
The main sputtering target that XK produce applied in the semiconductor industry includes Aluminum target, titanium target, copper target, tantalum target, tungsten-titanium alloy target, etc.
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Materials Applied to Semiconductor Materials
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