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Xinkang's R&D, production and quality testing are carried out in accordance with the ISO9001 & ISO14001 standard management system. At the same time, the PDCA cycle management method is used to plan, implement, inspect and continuously improve the quality and environmental management system to ensure the high quality and continuous quality of the products. We continuously improve the staff training system, standardize the production process, strictly implement 5S management, and assist detection by ICP-OES, LECO, XRF, C-Scan and other testing equipment, which can control the output of defective products to the utmost extent. At the request of customers, we can also send the products to professional evaluation agencies for testing. For example, SGS, CTI and other testing organizations, MSDS and ROHS (restrictions on the use of certain harmful ingredients) testing is also a routine testing method, and we will accompany the goods. There are COA, COC and other test reports to support our products.

The quality management of products has always been the basis of all business activities of Xinkang, because we know that only stable product quality can achieve long-term customer support, so we learn the management mode of different companies at home and abroad, and develop their own unique characteristics based on their own status quo. The quality management model is continuously improved to ensure the quality stability and controllability of the product. The following is Xinkang's retrieval system for product quality documents. Through this system, we can easily trace the products that have problems, identify problems and correct them.

Chemical safety statement (MSDS)
Hazardous Substance Testing Report(ROSH)
Product quality standard specification(PMP)
Product composition analysis report(COA)
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